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Originally Posted by BAGSTR
Mugnuts and Mortaygo,

Guys my rider sag is 61mm front and 97mm rear.
I'm 185lbs(84kg), which is in the recommended range for stock springs
according to the Owner's Manual. Preload up front is only via
spring spacers, out back spring preload.
Do you have a recommendation?
looks like you have a little too much on the rear , should be 70-85 mm on the rear i believe the rear is a pain in the arse to adjust & forks out for the front , I went a heavier spring in the rear (cause i'm a little fat @ 95kg ) but less pre-load, the rear shock is still not to my liking & it i can't get it right on the next right I'd send it back for another revalve ( still has too much hi-speed dampening & can't get rebound right either )

these 690 have a linkage as you know so they very different to setting up other KTM's with out linkage were the rear sag was 95-110mm , i think that why they are so harsh i have seen photo's of the linkage of the baja prototype all billet linkages look to be a little longer but they are using the 690RR frame ,

as a rule of thump if it pushes wide in the front , the rear may be squating to much & if it is tucking under the rear is to high , but this can be counter acted but adjusting the forks in the triple's up & down , there are SOOOOO many ways and thing 's to change it can be very hard getting the right balance , and that is exactly what it is a balancing act between your riding position the balance of the bike and the terrain the you are riding in ,

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