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Continuing on the same road, came into some cool trees. My yellow GS seemed to fit in nicely.

Here is where the two shots above were taken in Lincoln National Forrest, NM.

One of the canyon roads, this was smooth and fast. Towards the end of this road it disappeared but another cool dirt road picked up.

Started to go through the forest, awesome weather.

Saw the remnants of a fire, there was a little bit of char in the area but it wasnít a big blaze.

I donít think you can go wrong on these roads. This one ended up in a dead end but coming back was just as fun!

Another go at a reflection shot. This road had many small rises or jumps that seemed built in. Iím not sure if they are intended to slow vehicles or help you stop going downhill but I got air of plenty of em.

On a very promising mountainside road I ran into these damn cows. The would not get off the road because the sides are very steep and they only continued to walk in front of me. Some of them were already jabbing at each other with their horns probably because they were agitated I was herding them. I eventually gave up because I wanted to use the little daylight I had left.
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