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After riding out of Lincoln National Forrest, I was heading on a path to the south east. This runs through a reservation and connects with some small highways on route to a main town. The road started easy and was very fast gravel. I was lulled into a sense of complacency and blazed ahead. My GPS told me to turn onto a couple short roads that would quickly connect me with the highway. These were not well traveled but looked innocent enough at first.

It was already getting dark and I knew I would not be able to make town before nightfall so I was prepared to do some riding in the dark. The road quickly grew more primitive and began to fade away, I only had a few miles to go so I thought I could bounce over whatever came my way. Then…. I was faced with this:

I am sure most of you guys on light bikes are thinking “oh that’s no problem”. These rocks were huge, the way was narrow and I was already stuck among a couple rocks thinking about how to turn around. I walked up ahead to the bend and looked at what awaited me but the path was completely blocked by boulders. It was getting dark and I was exhausted…

I unloaded the bike and began to carefully turn it around. It took all my strength (which is not much) to maneuver the bike over the rocks, I even moved a few rocks that were in the way.

After one hour of getting back the ½ mile to a reasonably motorable road, I had unloaded the bike 3 times, dropped it one because I was tired, and it had gotten really dark. To top it off a thunderstorm was coming in and I remembered the gravel road I came in on had lots of flash flood warnings on it. I considered finding high ground, pitching my tent, eating an MRE and dipping into my stash of bourbon but I said fuck it and kept moving. This is where I was when I finally got out of that area (beware of this road, even though you could get over some of the rocks it really was totally blocked).

To make matters even more interesting I continued down the road I was originally on (the long way) but I stopped at a cattle guard with this sign. There was no gate but I did not want to go through this, the sign is pretty clear and the last thing I need is to be confronted by military peeps.

It took me three hours to get to the nearest large town (Artesia, NM). I road like a bat out of hell on the dark gravel roads, the dark narrow paved highway snaking through the desert, and the extremely dark super slab. The thunderstorm in the distance gave me a great light show the whole way, it only started raining close to town so I was not in danger of flash floods.

As I transitioned from the gravel road to the small highway I knew I would not be able to make it with the amount of fuel I had. I came across a small town that actually is not on google maps that I can see. The lights were on in one house and I managed to get a couple gallons of fuel from the old guy at home. When I got to the main town I filled up with over 3 gallons so I knew I would have ran out of gas on the way.
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