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When I arrived in Carlsbad I made a turn into the gas station and the front felt really squishy. Crap I have a flat tire. I think I got it on the road into town possibly on a bad cattle guard. I fill up with gas and air up the tire, it is holding some air so I limp to a nearby location that might have a jack. The F800GS takes over 150 pounds to lift the front tire off the ground with the center stand and I did not have someone with me, jack is the best option lol.

Mission accomplished, some guys let me use their jack and I was in the shade, this should be a piece of cake! If this had happened far from town I would have layed the bike over to get the front off, by this point I know I can pick it back up lol.

Partially unpacked tube, this is one of the ultra heavy duty tubes I brought with me.

Time to take off the front!

This is where I am on my knees with arms extended to the sky cursing Champion Motorsports of Roswell . My brake caliper nuts are rounded off, I had checked them before I had left when I was doing my nut and bolt check. This looks typical of a shop that did not have the torx socket and used a hex socket. I could not get one of the calipers off but luckily you can get the tire off with only one side caliper off.

While I was taking the caliper off one of the brake pads slipped out of place… This normally is not a big deal but I could not figure out how it went back in…

The damn pad would not go back into it’s place!!! Lol, I truly felt like I was either missing something or really stupid. Funniest thing happened, I will never forget it. I was completely frustrated and ready to throw something and some old couple pulls up in their RV. They are looking for a power drill and start talking with the mechanics. The man comes over and talks to me about what I am doing and I explain the situation with the brake pad. I am still messing with the pad and looking at him while I am talking and all of a sudden WOOP the pad goes in and sits in it’s place. I am shocked and I thank the man profusely for helping me get it in even though all he did was distract me lol.

With a trusty rock and my bead breaker tool the tire bead comes off quickly.

The tube I take out of the rim is thin, definitely not an ultra heavy duty tube. Before I left Champion Motorsports in Roswell the service guy assured me they had found ultra heavy duty tubes to install. This is the last time I let a shop supply my tubes. I take the tube over to the water reservoir in the shop and look for the leak… It is a pinch flat. I am really pissed off but there is little I can do besides install the true ultra heavy duty tube and move on.

Hooray I got the stem into the hole woot!!!

Finally the tube goes in and I assemble the bike.

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