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1. The boxes are build on experiences of czech travellers and friends, which travel mostly in Europe. Nobody from them complained on quality or waterproof yet. The boxes are welded, so they are 100% waterproof from sides and from bottom ? heavy rain, light offroad etc. But they will not be waterproof when you will drown them completely (You can get water under the cap).
The cases are made to transport your stuff from point A to point B, when you use it this way, water has no chance.
2. The whole locking mechanism is made of galvanized iron, i don?t produce them, i just buy them. Unfortunately the lock isn?t equiped with cover and the producer doesn?t make covered locks at all.
3. The boxes don?t have pre-drilled holes for mounting set, which i use. When you buy only the boxes, you must have own carrier and any mounting set. You can this stuff mount on the box and then to carrier. For watching my mounting set see attached photo.
4. BMW liners won?t fit i think, but i didn?t try it. (because i don?t have orig. BMW liners of course).

BEGR Cases are made with simple and primitive machines (mostly powered by man-strenght). They are welded manually in preserved atmosphere. Their toughness is appreciated by them, who lied in side ditch.

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