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HEY I know that bridge! :)

So happy that you made it to this spot. Central Guat is very very special.

I picked a bad time to go offline - I really wish I would have been there to help you work through another mexican airhead ignition scavenger hunt. The support from this community is heartwarming! Your tales of motoshops, VW stealers, and hot sweaty rodeside diagnosis made me smile big time!!!!!! I swear 8 months later it feels like that was even fun (not quite so much at the time!).

Where will you take this beast next.... CHeers, JB

Originally Posted by bgoodsoil
This bridge was a 5 minute walk from the hammock. It had a nice 25 foot drop underneath it so I walked up there a few times and jumped.

I did a 2 hour cave tour that was almost all swimming. We had no flashlights--just candles. Somebody would fall in and we'd have to relight each other. It was a trip. Of course, no pictures in the cave. I've done a poor job of taking pictures.

I went tubing down the river a coupla times. Beautiful.

All of that stuff wasn't even in Semuc Champey. Semuc was even more amazing.

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