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Originally Posted by osteo
Stupid question... but as I can't find the answer and I know I have seen it here somewhere ..
How does one post pic's? I have done a search and it returned a million hits for various things... but without reading 10 pages of returns, anyone answer in a quick nutshell? my pics are saved in a Yahoo Photoalbum if that makes any difference. When I tried to copy the link into the "insert Image" link it inserted the 'link' but not the pic... when I tried Copy and Paste - it pasted a link - and no pic..
1- Right click on the chosen pic & click on ''Properties'' in the box that will appear.
2- Copy the URL address only.
3- In your post, click on the small box with mountains in it (insert image) & paste the URL in the ''Invite Text'' chatter box that will appear.

Looks complicated but isn`t!
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