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Originally Posted by hg102

I am extreemly satisfied with your stove. The workmanship is extreemly good as well as the way your stove works. In fact it works so well that we are takingi it, as our only stove to Peru for 6 weeks back packing.

This summer I used it on multiple mc trips and found it to work well on each trip. It boils water in a couple of minutes using a titanium pot and HEET. I have not tried any other fuel. Our last back pack trip lasting three days, using a half bottle of heat doing two meals a day for my wife and I with no problems.

Thanks for a great product and fast shipping
Wow I am very humbled. Tell you what, if you PM me your mailing address I'll send you another stove for free, I just want a picture from some mountain in Peru with my stove being used. Deal???
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