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Originally Posted by Fat Head Fred
Mark has a good point. Have you ever wrassled your ADV around a berm...holy shit, it just wants to go straight over the top!


Trying to steer an Adventure with the front wheel... this only results in looking at the apex... while riding straight thru and perpendicular to the outer radius, as if drawn by giant hidden magnets. The end result of which is laughter from anyone within viewing distance... if your lucky.

Any time I've forgotten what I was riding, and tried to steer in the more conventional way... I've gone off at a tangent to the desired direction of travel, the angle of which was determined by the tightness of my sphincter, the number of people watching from behind me (with cameras), and the distance of the drop-off beyond the outside of the corner to the inevitable... bottom.

The only reliable, consistant steering device on an Adventure, at any speed above 10 mph, is the right grip... turned sharply counter-clockwise.
So... how's tricks?
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