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Originally Posted by guzzimike
Just so we can get some balance.
Any chance of compiling a list of people who DON'T have this problem?
I mean 36 means nothing if it's the total out of the 1000's that have been sold.
36 is only the number here (ADVrider), not world wide and I would argue that for just this forum (or even the world total) 36 is no small number when dealing with a problem that can fail badly enough to cause a crash. The number becomes more than "nothing" if the failure causes you (or more importantly ME;-) to kiss pavement. In matters of safety, based on manufacturing errors, anything above one or two is major.

The only "balance" that matters is a grenading wheel bearing can cause fatal damage and there are enough of them right here to be a major issue. BMW had better be working on this one big time...before someone owns a major portion of their revinue (read; makes a big dent in their liability insurance and reputation).
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