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Rear Wheel Bearing Failure

Woody has edited his post and corrected the measurements. He had a typo in his math as Redhawk47 pointed out.
The new measurements for the disc side is 46.94mm .06mm/.025" smaller ID, to tight for a 6204-2RS-C0 bearing but not to tight for a 6204-2RS-C3 bearing.

The new measurements for the drive side is 46.97mm .03mm/.001" smaller ID just right for a 6204-2RS-C0 bearing.

Could this be what all this is about. The wrong bearing has been installed in some of the bikes on the Disc side. The disc side is the captured bearing and the crush is a little tighter, .001" tighter, requiring a bearing with more internal clearance like the C3 bearing. I know the dealer parts guy doesn't know, I called him!

Anybody know what bearings the dealer is using when they replace the bad bearings????
I wounder if BMW is fixing the problem without telling anyone. I guess we will find out in time.
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