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Rear Wheel Bearing Repair and Replacement BMW F800GS
Build date 07/08, 8800 miles

After following various forum posts and reading Woody’s description of the wheel he repaired. I removed the rear wheel of my F800GS motorcycle Sunday to check the wheel bearings. The left (disc) side felt rough and notchy. The right (drive) side felt notchy too, but less than the left. I couldn’t tell if it was transferring across the wheel through the spacer. The bearing in the drive sprocket hub felt smooth.
I disassembled the wheel and measured the bores and bearings and found a press fit of 0.003” tight, on the left (disc) side and a press fit of 0.002” tight, on the right (drive) side. Both bearings felt smoother after they were removed from their bores, however sight roughness was still apparent in the left bearing.

I honed both bores to achieve a press fit of 0.001” (N7) tolerance to new SKF 6204 2RS bearings, heated the hub to 200˚ F and installed the disc side bearing and snap ring and then repeated the heating on the drive side and installed the drive side bearing. When cooled and seated the assembly rotated smoothly and correctly with no feeling of roughness.
I filed a report with the NHTSB and received confirmation yesterday.
I haven't talked to my dealer yet.

05R1200GS then 09F800GS now
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