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1974 Ducati 750GT rebuild - unabridged edition

I’m still a newbie here, and this bike has been seen in a few places on the web before, (including this forum…) but this site seems to be friendly to picture-rich threads and project threads seem to be enjoyed, so I thought I’d do a little more in depth post on the rebuild of my first bevel Ducati. (I got it back on the road a few years ago, this is a retrospective as it were). I’ve got a couple single cylinder Ducs underway now, but progress is slow (probably because I spend too much time on the web) so I thought this one might be a better start. If it’s too much just tell me to shut up!

So… here's my 1974 Ducati "Roundcase" 750GT.

I bought it from a friend after a few years of “is it for sale? Is it for Sale? Is it for sale?” type messages. Finally it WAS for sale. I was in Michigan, it was in Wisconsin, my family is in Minnesota… I looked at it over Thanksgiving and picked it up over Christmas break. Road salt does nasty things to aluminum so I wrapped it up best I could.

Unwrapped and in the basement

The Duc is a springer and the dog is named Desmo. How ironic?

(Yes, I named my dog Desmo. But make no mistake, I like my dogs even more than my Ducs. As for my username, I needed a screen name one night, he walked by as I was thinking, the rest is history)

While not actually round, the "roundcase" sidecovers are more curved than the later squared off "squarecase" bevels.

Nice wiring

Yeah, the bike was a little ratty, but mostly there. I knew NOTHING about bevel Ducs when I bought it and decided that if turned out to be too far gone I could make back most of my money parting it out. At the time I wasn't sure if that was smart. In retrospect is was probably the best deal I'll ever get on a Ducati.

When I bought the bike you could get decent, running GT's for about $6000. I estimated I'd have up to $10,000 into rebuilding this one. I had thoughts of buying one of the retro styled bikes instead, but decided that a new bike would depreciate so I'd lose money there too. Plus, this one would be the real deal.

Over the three + years I spent rebuilding this, roundcase prices shot up to the point I'm sure it's worth at least as much as I have into it now. I'm pretty happy I got it when I did, I don't think I could afford to rebuild a bike like this at today's prices.
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