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When I bought it we thought the engine was locked up, but when I got it home I noticed the engine would turn backwards but not forwards. Hmm... The bike has sat for years, there's cat food in the air filter, I wonder what kind of crap is in the cylinders?

The front head. You can just see the dirt that built up in it that stopped the piston from going over TDC. (keep in mind this cylinder is horizontal when in place)

And the corresponding cylinder/piston

No major damage done!

She's going to need some new pistons, both of them were scuffed and the rings in this one were locked solid.

The odometer read a bit over 62,000 miles when I got it, and the speedo cable was broken so I'm not sure just how many miles were on the bike.

Apparently flaking rockers are nothing new. I didn't take any pictures of the rockers (which were losing their chrome) but the cams looked like this.

The rest of the engine looked pretty good actually so I'll spare you the pics of the rest of it until rebuild time. Which reminds me, this is a bit out of order. In real time I had gotten some work done on the chassis before I started pulling the engine apart, so enough of the engine for now and on to the rebuild.
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