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I sent the swingarm to Syd's Cycles to get new bushings installed and reamed to fit a new pivot tube.

Centerstand, swingarm, and triples in place.

Next came wheels. I was a bicycle mechanic for about ten years and have built, who knows, 100 wheels? I've probably trued thousands of them. So of course I built them myself. Flanged Excels and stainless steel spokes from Buchanan's replaced the mis-matched, rusty steel rims.

The hubs were bead blasted to remove the corrosion. I thought this was all they'd need, but when I sat them down next to the new rims and spokes it became obvious I was wrong. The hubs still had a sort of greenish tint after blasting, so I took some alloy wheel cleaner to them, hit it lightly with a steel brush, rinsed and dried them off, repeating as needed until they looked presentable. I also polished the center section of the front hub with a little Simichrome. The hubs don't quite look new now, but they do look nicer than they did after being glass beaded and infinitely better than when they were corroded! I used the same cleaning method on the backing plate and the cush drive.

Add some fork tubes from Forking by Frank, a few engine parts, and it's time for yet another mock up. (yeah, the rotor is done here too. Not all these pics will be in chronological order)

And that's enough for one night. More later.
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