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Thanks for the encouragement. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I'm posting too much info on my little part of the world. Not everybody is as infatuated with Ducs as I am... or so I've been told. By a few different people...

Some of what I'm posting here comes from my website, so it was written years ago. Hopefully when I add updates to what I wrote then it won't get too confusing.

Back to the wheels. Add some no name shocks and a pair of Avon Roadrunners

Thems the Brakes...

The master cylinder for the front brake and the lever for the rear brake were both frozen. The rear lever was simply a matter of penetrating oil and patience. The front was more involved. I tried to force the piston out of the master cylinder with a grease gun (typically very effective in pushing brake components apart - the fitting on a grease gun uses the same thread as some brake fittings. Try it! It's more controlled than compressed air) but it wasn't budging. So I ended up drilling a hole in the piston, tapping threads into it, and forcing it out by threading a bolt into it. I cleaned up the master cylinder body, including opening up one of the holes in the bottom of it. Rebuild kits are still available for these (Try Yoyodyne or MG Cycle), I ordered one and sent the master cylinder out to be anodized.

The caliper was pulled apart, cleaned up, and sent out to be anodized too. This was probably a mistake - I didn't care about having the old style caliper and it would have been cheaper to buy a new Brembo F08! If I hadn't already bought the parts to rebuild what I had, I would have ordered a new caliper from Yoyodyne. But at the time, the only replacement calipers I knew of were expensive.

The anodizing was done as a favor by a friend of a friend. The price was right (freebie!) but it took about a year to get the parts back. The black isn't all that deep, sort of gray looking. Not complaining here, just pointing it out to anyone who might be expecting more. I was warned it might not turn out that great before they were done but I had nothing to lose. Three years later I don't notice the color of the caliper. And the master cylinder? I could never get it to stop leaking so I ended up replacing it with a new one. (With a rectangular reservoir)

The rotor was in pretty poor shape from years of sitting. Rather than try to recondition it, I bought a new one from Road and Race in Australia and painted the center of it to keep it from rusting.

The caliper looks alright in that shot? It looked grayer in real life.

The rear brake was in decent shape, other then the lever, so the only work I needed to do was to clean everything up.

I got a braided front brake line from Steve at Bevel Heaven that has a stock-looking black outer covering but does away with the small steel line used on the stock set-up. It was too long so I sent it to Galfer and they shortened it up for me for a very reasonable price. Steve has since modified his specs for the lines so they should fit better than mine did. I should also point out I used lower bars than stock, so I was expecting the line to be a little long.

While I'm thinking about it - I replated a lot of the hardware at home using a kit from Eastwood. It doesn't look anything like chrome but then it's not supposed to. Process was to bead blast the bolts, plate them for a few minutes, then burnish them with a stainless brush. Here's a shot of the progression from rusty to blasted to plated to burnished. Note the threads should have been cleaner on the centerstand bolts (right side), Oops...

I was very happy with this for the first season, then the bike got caught in the monsoon known as the Indy MotoGP 2008. The day after I got the bikes home I went into my garage and found a bunch of rust on the 750. Arg... not as weatherproof as I was led to believe, but maybe I just didn't leave them in the solution long enough. Or maybe they're just doing what Italian bolts do, I dunno.
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