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What is necessary to change an airhead speedo ratio to another?

Hi I am not sure if the question is well formulated in English but the issue is as follows:

Have a speedo R80G/S W=773
Needle is crazy, odo went to zero, nothing seems to work.
Can't find direct swap.
But was offered a W=747
What do I need to change and were to make this speedo work accurately

Question #
If I buy a W=773 speedo from another bike can I use the guts of that one to repair mine and if so what chance I hae of success? The issue with the other speedos is the location of the trip meter, unsuitable for the R80G/S pod.

Yes Yes I know I should buy a vapor but I got a Sigma as a spare and well I am stubborn and old bikes are to be kept original and functional so I want to fix this.

Besides I do not like to have to concentrate on small screens prefer a needle for easy reading.

Thanks for clarifying this and or suggesting another alternative, but I want to fix this speedo!
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