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Originally Posted by Swampy
Thinking of installing this Evans NPG+ 'lifetime" coolant. What is the total Radiator Capacity of the LC4 coolant in US gallons?? And, what is the best way to get ALL of the old coolant out? Like what is the lowest spot to drain from?
Heya Swampy, isn't that stuff in yer manual? If not there is a download for the engine shop manual... somewhere - lemme know if you don't got it.

I think the Evans NPG+ stuff sounds great - did you find a lower pressure cap or are you just leaving the system pressurized? The lower pressure is supposed to make the water pumps and such last longer.

Don't let creeper tell ya to turn it upside down and dump it out the top...

PS - did you get the flush to run through first? supposed to be good to get rid of all that nasty ole-skool stoned-ages crud the rest of us are still using.

PPS - are you wearing your helmet while jumping nowadays?!?
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