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Originally Posted by Swampy
Well, I put the Evans NPG+ in. I was seriously considering the creeper suggestion of flipping the bike up side down to drain the coolant but that would have entailed sacraficing some mirrors as kick stands to hold the bike up so the fairing wouldn't scrape. If I had some old mirrors handy I would have tried it.
See that creep? Your methods is tempting... maybe we could get ChrisC to do some photo jobs of bikes upside down for a How-To guide.

Maybe they would put that in their freakin' Hall of Jizzdom!

Originally Posted by Swampy
I ended up just pulling the hoses and then refilling with evans for a flush cycle and then draining again. I figure if there is any risidual moisture I can just boil it off the next time I'm in traffic since the stock boil point is 105F and the Evans is 375F! This is in fact what their web site suggested if you could not flush the water completely out. According to the manual there is only about 1 Liter in the
system and I think I got most of it out by pulling the hose between the radiators and the hose that goes to the Cylinder head and then running a flush cycle.
It will be nice to be able to just chuckle when the boil light comes on.
Speaking of LOW PRESURE CAPS, does anyone know where I can find one of these LOW PRESSURE RADIATOR CAPS?? Are there any other items I myst consider when running a low pressure system?
I wonder if you can just let the bike run with the cap off... the only thing that is gonna boil (i.e. expand) is the residual ole skool coolant and water so you shouldn't boil over, but it may escape as steam... WAIT! I could be dead wrong about this!

Low pressure cap? Just ask your local KTM dealership OK, um, no, probably gonna have to get the cap specs and match them to other caps to do that. I think you may be the first around here to do the Evans NPG+ so you are the trailblazer!
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