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Day 1: Getting to the Ferry Harbor

Although Morocco and Spain are just a 15 km ferry away, we live like 1.000 km from the ferry harbour so we loaded -squashed- 4 bikes in a rental van to get to Almeria.

I was the last one to arrive to our meeting point, so they said no more place for my bike...

mmm Damm bastards, Get out of my way: Wheeliiieeee!
(Nothing like a wheelie to get things right)

Luckily Kristoff would join us later (near Valencia), because the van was a bit too full for his bike.

As we planned to ride along the algerian border, Melilla (spanish enclave) or Nador (Morocco) were the most convenint entry points to Morocco, we decided to entry via Nador as most of the paperwork could be done aboard the ferry, thus saving time and hassle at the spanish/ moroccan border in Melilla.

Ricardo at the compulsory ferry pic:

Just before entering the ferry, my battery died (Murphy sucks...and BMW service too! I Could have checked everything more thoroughly myself, but having bought the bike 2 weeks before departure I had no time, the guys from the BMW service didnīt seem to have checked the battt).

The ferry sailed off at night so we arrived in Nador early next morning.

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