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Day 2: Nador - Plateau du Rekkam (somewhere near EL Ateouf to be precise)

So first task in Nador was to find a battery, and I was quite lucky to find an “electrisien” no soon we entered the town.

Among the lots of batteries piled up against the walls, he happened to have a second hand battery which, after a fast charge made the job.

The mechanic was very nice guy and he even spoke quite decent spanish (Nador was once part of spanish Morocco, as he pointed out), and for 20 euro (installation included) it seemed a good deal.

First lesson learned in Africa: Resources are scarce and everything has a second/third/... life (by the way the bike is still running with the same batt in spite of my Dakar's reluctance to start when cold).

After getting a load of water we headed South towards Debdou, on our way we stopped at Taourirt to have some lunch, there we met a fellow spaniard who happened to be married to a Moroccan girl and told us about a nice restaurant, where we had our first Moroccan lamb brochettes.

I´d like to have mine a bit more done please.

In the outskirts of Debdou we visited the unimpressive ruins of a kasbah, then in Debdou we sampled the poshest cafés, as we discussed our route with the locals.

Debdou in the distance as we climbed to the plateau

We started our way into de Rekkam Plateau, an altiplane at about 2000m height, to our dismay the pistes we planned to ride on had been asphalted, damm tarmac!!

But being up in the plateau we had other worries, we were riding directly into a big thunderstorm, a lot of rays could be seen in the horizon, and we were the only thing in miles above the ground. And YES it rained, we expected it wouldnt be extremely hot at Rekkam because of the altitude but man... RAIN?!

Desert Survival Rule #1: Someone suggested that in a thunderstorm fiberglass helmets were more attractive to rays than bald heads, so bald-headed we went on (the SOFT G-SPOT style is born)...anyone input about this fiberglass issue?

Eventually, we found a big telecomm antenna which we thought a good place to camp by. Well actually not to close to it because the whole artifact was powered by a huge, noisy gas engine (pity the soldier who was there on duty the whole night guarding the antenna within the narrow fenced precint)...sorry no antenna pics, some camp pics instead:

Desert Survival Rule #2: In the desert you need to sleep: Mxxx and Cxxxx (names intentionally omitted to avoid a lawsuit), aka the snorers had to camp at an appropriate distance from the rest of us.

Day 3 coming soon...
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