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This our first Eastern Rendezvous at the new location.
So far I have been able to spend Labor Day Weekend
and 4 days in April finding a suitable route.
It is now complete.
Travelguy, Upweekis, X-factor, Intothenew and I will be riding it, and you are
welcome to ride along if you are OK with the following:

Roads: TWISTY PAVED ROADS & TWISTY GRAVEL ROADS (Gravel makes up maybe half the ride timewise and maybe a third mileagewise).

Road crews in this area grade their gravel often.

Bikes: Big or small Adventure Bikes, Dual Sports, Supermotos or anything you don't mind riding on steep gravel and through potholes. I guess that eliminates such machines as sportbikes, cruisers and fulldressers. Bash plates are always a good idea wherever rocks are involved.

Tires: Not knobbies. Anything from 50/50's to Street Tires can be used on this ride.
Lower than usual psi . . . NOT 40!

Gas: There is a gas station 3 miles north of the Rally Site. Please fill up your tank yesterday! Be prepared for 80 mile intervals between gas stops.

Gas money: Many rural gas stations do not take credit cards. It's always a good idea to bring CASH gas money when riding in unfamiliar territory. On this route, there is one gas station that takes credit cards.

Food: Carrying a big bag of beef jerky and a waterbottle is always a good idea just in case lunch is late because the ride gets delayed (and we end up standing around watching horses roll down mountains and that sort of thing ).

Lunch: Roadside sandwich shop with carryout window (that's the plan).

Safety: Leave lots of space between you and the guy in front of you, so that when he slams his brakes on to avoid an obstacle, you don't crash into him and ruin everyone's day. No passing . . . This is not a race.

Departure: 9:30am from TIKI TAMMY'S TIKI BAR
just behind Freeborne's Restaurant on FRIDAY AND SATURDAY . . . WEATHER PERMITTING.

Return: Before 7pm dinner (that's the plan).

KTM MIKE . . . . . . . KTM EQUIPPED SINCE 1999
three 640's (sold), two 950's (sold),
530 EXC Supermoto, 690 SMC, 990 SM-R

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