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Seems there is one trade off with the Evans. My totally unscientific seat-o-the-pants observation is that it causes a slightly higher running temperature (as expected).
but, what is really driving me bonkers is...I pretty much got old coolant all over everything in the change out process. I hosed it down once, then twice, but, I'm STILL getting coolant vapors to the point its giving me a headache.
I can't see any leaks so, I was wondering where the coolant overflow drain goes after it goes into the steering head??? Perhaps I did my overfilling trick and its going down there somewhere?? Looks like I traded my oil leak for a coolant leak. BTW the oil leaking on the headers was becasue the mechanic apearantly decided I didn't need new valve cover gaskets!! They fixed it for free but it took them 3 freakin' weeks!
Anybody know where that coolant overflow hose goes after it goes into the stearing head?
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