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Originally Posted by Swampy
Seems there is one trade off with the Evans. My totally unscientific seat-o-the-pants observation is that it causes a slightly higher running temperature (as expected).
but, what is really driving me bonkers is...I pretty much got old coolant all over everything in the change out process. I hosed it down once, then twice, but, I'm STILL getting coolant vapors to the point its giving me a headache.
I can't see any leaks so, I was wondering where the coolant overflow drain goes after it goes into the steering head??? Perhaps I did my overfilling trick and its going down there somewhere?? Looks like I traded my oil leak for a coolant leak. BTW the oil leaking on the headers was becasue the mechanic apearantly decided I didn't need new valve cover gaskets!! They fixed it for free but it took them 3 freakin' weeks!
Anybody know where that coolant overflow hose goes after it goes into the stearing head?
Would the higher running temp mean the evans is not as good at heat transfer? Of course it will be better once the old stuff starts to boil, however, this seems odd. Why is it expected?

Your parts diagrams that came with the bike should show you something, otherwise, the engine manual. Lemme know if you didn't get it - someone posted a PDF on the web!
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