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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
So the all-antifreeze (zero water) Evans stuff should be higher still; got it. Boy the internet is nice for discussing this stuff b/c you dont have to sit there staring at the moronic expression on my face while I try to put two and two together!

One little item that i wanted to order from Sommer (that would be useful here) was their oil temp gauge on the dipstick. It would be nice to have a real temp rather than the coarse bar scale on the IMO. That and the fuel tank quick couplers, and the frame protectors, and the ... ya a few things.
Meat ,

I was just looking at that today on the sommer site thinking that was a sweet piece of equipment, as well as the C/S cover that Passmore, and the Sommer toolbox that Jerome has, and the carbon fiber tank guards that ...

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