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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
So the all-antifreeze (zero water) Evans stuff should be higher still; got it. Boy the internet is nice for discussing this stuff b/c you dont have to sit there staring at the moronic expression on my face while I try to put two and two together!

One little item that i wanted to order from Sommer (that would be useful here) was their oil temp gauge on the dipstick. It would be nice to have a real temp rather than the coarse bar scale on the IMO. That and the fuel tank quick couplers, and the frame protectors, and the ... ya a few things.
Yeah, I have the temp guage and the Plastic frame guards. The thing about the temp guage is that you cannot see it when on the bike. And if it gets loose it grinds against something in there (gears?). It only came loose the first time I used it (not tight enough). Its nice but, I find I rarely look at it but, I reckon I would use it more if I lived in colder climates instead of one where the bike is already nearly fully warmed up by ambient temps. It IS less easy to loose than the stock cap though. Frame guards are nice but, can make for increased mud magnet effect and some what less access to certain areas when they are mounted. Yeah the fuel tank quick couplers would make life Much easier. I find myself less inclined to want to remove this tank than the smaller LC4 tanks.
I just got the two thumbs down on my stinking riding gear. Mind you the gear is brand new but, just one day on this coolant smelling rig did it and the nose arrived. My woman has this incredible forensic X-ray nose that can smell even the most minute odor through walls etc... I always get informed of any offensive olfactory unpleasantness. I suspect she is part K-nine.
My anti-freeze headache is starting to subside but, will likely return tomorrow when I go riding. Any tips anyone has for removing anti-freeze and oil from the headers would be appreciated.
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