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Day 3: El Ateouf - (somewhere near) Talsinnt

We went to bed a little worried that it rained all night and we ended up floating in our tents, but it didnt and I slept like a log (changing the office desk for a bike saddle works wonders you know)

So we woke up to a beautiful morning, crispy air, a bit cloudy (which is perfect)…snorers still at safe distance.

Snorer approaching Camp Tranquility…we proceed to Defcon 2 !!

We loaded the bikes and headed towards Matarka in search for breakfast, the day was perfect temperaturewise and we reached Matarka quite fast, unluckily again most of the track had been paved.

In Matarka it was Market day, and there were a lot of old Bedford trucks and people hanging around.

Always a warm welcome in moroccan villages

So we parked our bikes and asked one of this guys for a place to have breakfast, he showed us to a local Café where we went on with our Bar- sampling activity.

This guy, as many others we met on our way, showed us the meaning of the word hospitality, he spent his time showing us the village, helped the woman who owned the bar prepare our breakfasts and finally payed for them…

The Bar

Typical moroccan breakfast: supersweet mint tea, delicious bread and smiling cow cheese

After "Starbucks" we went to a local mechanic to borrow some tool to arrange my brake pedal (I had twisted it the previous night when I hit a rock driving in the dark to find a suitable spot for placing our tents)

Kristoff considered trading in his BMW

Then we went on a shopping spree amidst the local boutiques

After that we left Matarka and thanks to a sucky navigation (we were meant to go south not East) we arrived in Tendrara, , er…anyway, on entering the town we met a police checkpoint, Kristoff, who was first to arrive was extensively interrogated by the two young cops until they found out he was married: “what a pity” said one of the cops (seemingly brokenhearted) and then he lets us go, unluckly we have no pics because it is strictly forbidden to take pics of military/police…

Kids in Tendrara

And after Tendrara it was time to put things back in order again i.e. do some proper navigation towards Anoual and finally leave the damm tarmac behind YeeHaa!!!

And SurPriSe!! Another rainy day in the moroccan desert summer!!!

Thunderstorm ahead

But the storm left as soon as it had arrived and we found a place to have our daily bath (we are clean guys you know)

Due to forum rules about nudity I omitted our swimming pics but if ladies demand were too high I might re-consider this decission...

The place was a small pond that a river made near a broken bridge (guess the river gets a bit wild in the spring time).

Pistes were fast as we approached Anoual

And shortly afterwards we arrived in Talsinnt where we found a gas station and got our dinner.


After that we went to our 5,000 star hotel, it didn´t seem like it would rain so some decided to sleep outside.

Kindda tired now so I will take a break and continue over the next week, next days were amazing, just a teaser of DAY 4

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