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Eight Years In This Saddle

My 2004 1150 GS Adventure,
As of 08-05-2013, I have managed 192,912 +miles, looks about the same as it ever did.

Purchased used for $12,500 at 11,652 or so miles showing. 09/24/2004, Near the border in Iowa:

07/14/2011, Colorado:

Stuff that has broken or been repaired/replaced crushed, lost, stolen or forgotten in some out of the way motel better left unnamed, (no pictures so it didn't happen, paid with cash...)

I have not listed all the spark plugs, generator belts, fuel line quick disconnect o-rings.and connectors. Headlight lamps, or tires, oil and gas.

The list:
1. Fuel pump replaced
2. All the brake rotors replaced, non-OEM Braking wavy rotors with Braking™ brand.
3. Replaced Bendix gear and bearing on starter, replaced Starter 05/2009
4. Clutch - 97,000
5. Input shaft seal to transmission, 97,000
6. Slave cylinder and connecting line, 97,000
7. Output seal from transmission four times
8. Drive shaft, three times
9. Input seal to final drive three times
10. Cross-Over Quick Disconnect twice then replaced the line with longer pieces.
11. Big ring bearing on output of final drive, and seal once, (Warranty at 24,000 miles)
12. Seat 4 times, though that is a bit of wear item.
13. Stick coils, 6 of them so far
14. tail light housing after the lamp melted the socket
15. left turn signal housing after the Jesse re-location, located it in the path of hot exhaust, re-re-located the new one out of harms way.
16. Exhaust can, after stocker began rattling around, (probably could have gotten away without that, but I like the Ti replacement can better, more clearance for the Jesse.
17. Hand grips, they are heated so I cheaped out and changed to the grooved type from the later-model 1200 type that were OEM. I prefer the 1200 type so when I wear these out, I'll change to the skinny ones.
MikeO's Grip Replacement
18. One screen, the OEM turned near opaque/brown from sun and age. I bought a used one from BBY.
19. Throttle cables, all 3 and the goofy Boden box, along with the updated stuff at the bar.
20. Replaced OEM head protection, (Plastic) with Touratech which sheared at high stress area, (poor design), I fixed these and continue to use them.
21. OEM shocks were replaced at 24,000 miles with Ohlins. These have been rebuilt three times. They are about due again.
22. Cam chain tensioner on the left side was updated at about 50,000 miles.
23. Black box of confusion was added about the same time as the end can, (60,000 miles or so), BBOC = Techlusion performance controller, has pretty lights and buttons to play with.
24. Fastway pegs, I like these.
25. Touratech hardpart for telelever.
26. Speedometer cable
27. Speedometer cable grommets and guides
28. Secondary coil and wires for just in case, and the wires felt stiff. Resistance is a little higher than new cables but within limits. So, the originals are now spares.
29. Added the BMW Adventure topbox as a mobile office enhancement, (no windows OS so I've not had to update to Vista, let alone 7)

30. Left side center-stand mount, right side needs to be replaced as both tabs that bolt the bashplate in-place sheared off, again goofy design decision there... Probably some early life abuse too, judging by the dents.
31. Added the Tourtech GPS mount for the Garmin 2610, still works, hardwired to a fuse.
32. EXO heated vest controller added, wired to the battery.
33. Replaced valve covers with Silver colored ones due to ugly-fied bubbling paint and poor attempts at removal. When I get time I'll have the OEM's bead blasted and repaint hotrod black, and re-install...
34. Rattlecan sprayed the silver valve covers HT flat black.
35. Replaced shifter and brake levers with Touratech models. No real reason other than they look cool. The brake lever design is a bit off for getting the lever high enough to use both standing and seated. I'm used to it now.
The shifter has great adjustment.
36. 164,500 miles complete bearing rebuild of final drive.
37. 165,300 miles Drive shaft replacement, swinging arm bearing replacement, fixed swinging arm pivot replacement. And Swinging Arm, cracked when the drive shaft failed.
38. 7th stick coil failed and replaced at 169,000 miles.
39. Melted the second tail lamp socket/reflector. replaced this with the original that I carved on a little to make it work for now.
39. Replaced the sheath over the control wires to the handlebars both sides, with heat shrink tube.
40. Replaced fatigue cracked head protectors with original OEM plastic pieces.
41. Replaced Tank stickers with reflecting pieces from Humvee Graphics
42. Replaced the OEM horn with twin Fiamm high/Low horns from Riderwarehouse.
43. Tail light housing finally gave up again and replaced with a new one.
44. Added a Poolside/JohnJen magic box to the mix. Tossed the Techclusion Black Box of Confusion.
45. Replaced valve cover guards with hack-repaired Touratech models.
46. Replaced OEM brake and tail light reflector with LED set up.
47. Replaced the second OEM battery with an AntiGravity 6 cell uber deal. Fires it here on travel at 35 degrees F.
48. Replaced failed oil level sight glass at 187,970 miles
49. Replaced fatigue failed Touratech head protection with new of the same.
50. Replaced the flyscreen with a Moose Racing model. Much less money and seemed to work just fine.

Second helmet, third I've worn with the bike
4th jacket, Rally II suit wore out the pads, and the protection layer zipper died. Got a Rally 3
Third overpants and riding pants. The Rally II pants have a kneepad pocket come loose, and the pads cracked. Still works but I like other stuff better. Two other overpants wore out the seams.

Fifth pair of gloves, after three pair of BMW GS gloves, KLIM adventure gloves.
Second soles on the Sidi Discovery boots. The leather is wearing through at the toe on the left boot, but still sort of water proof, though the stitching is worn off both boots at the overlap flap.
Replaced with hiking boots for commuting and Sidi Cross Fires for travel and dirt.

A few on-going issues that bug me but don't stop the wheels from moving:
1. Idle issues are a thing of the past since the little IICE Air device from
Oddly this seems to have fixed itself after Poolside and I played with some electronics of his on the bike. Maybe just a re-set was in order?
2. Recurring fuel leak at the transition from the hose to the plastic tube on the right side of the bike. This began when I got some bad gas that plugged the fuel filter with a gooey black gunk. At that time I replace the single use clamp with a hose clamp and followed that with a proper FI clamp. This seems to require tightening when the world gets cold, or every few months. II suspect an issue at the Fuel Pressure Regulator due to the bad gas. Maybe..
3. The nearly constant brake error lamp lighting up has gone away since installing the Antigravity battery at 185,780 miles.

That probably does it. For now, or until it explodes at 80 on the 91 in rush hour traffic some dark and stormy night.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

And then I sold it.
"You don't go to Mongolia for the food." - Sebastian & Kim
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