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The next day I woke up in Carlsbad NM ready for another day of riding in perfect weather. I started to head down to the caves.

On the way into the national park…

There was a cool scenic one way road on the map I wanted to ride but it was closed. The sign at the gate stated the times it was open (and it should have been open) but I did not feel like going to the ranger station to argue, I had riding to do!

On my way to the Guadalupe National Park there were several roads on the maps (and Google Maps) I really wanted to take. They were pretty long and super twisty dirt. Only problem was two of them did not exist (one of them had a small sign on an impassable barbed wire fence (no gate even) that stated “No Project Access”) and the other was gated.

I was fast approaching the Texas border and was getting that fuzzy feeling of returning home even though I was more than 500 miles away and getting further away every mile. I love my state!

The area around Guadalupe National Park is amazing! If I am forced to ride on super slab this is where I want to be!

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