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Soon I was on this hypnotizing and desolate road… There was no one around and I stopped to take a picture for the “Lonely Road” thread. And no… the spec in the distance is not a car lol. (A few more dirt roads I wanted to take were gated here)

Here is a pic I took for the “Old Structures” thread. My angle to the building made it difficult to get the water tower and the building to appear strait but I chose the pic with the water tower seeming strait to accentuate the old building feel.

Ms. Peach I will miss your thread!! When I left for this trip her thread was still active and I was set on getting a few shots… This is me in the Davis Mountains (beautiful area with good twisties).

Not as easy as it looks haha!


Continuing on to the local observatory. I visited this area when I was a kid with my parents and still remember it. My dreams of becoming an astronomer faded as I got older and desired to be a social being but who knows… too much time in the city might see that desire return.

Back in small town civilization I find a great pizzeria and get some dinner. Highly recommend this place if you are ever near Fort Davis (it is on the south side of town where 17 and 118 meet)

I decide to head further down to Alpine to find lodging. I had originally planned on camping at the Davis Mountains State Park and I had picked out a good campsite, paid at the self pay station (after hours) and ridden to the campsite. When I took off my helmet and earplugs I heard not one but two neighbors playing annoying music from their cars while preparing dinner. I should have expected this and I should have removed my helmet while selecting a site. If there is something I can’t stand it is music while camping (also why I don’t care for non-primitive sites). Not wanting to confront the other groups and knowing if they turned it down it would only annoy me more I angrily sped out of the park and out of town, alone again.

(P.S. I love music (mainly hardcore and metal) but not while camping geez!!!!)

I was going rather fast and happy to be alone and absorbed in my ride on this flat and strait road, I decided to try some camera tricks!

As I rolled into town I was so struck by this building in the setting sun I had to take a picture. I wonder if the soil the bricks were made of is really that red or if they were stained…

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