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I make my way south in a very roundabout way to Big Bend.

Texas is vast, Texas is rugged, Texas is beautiful. I continue to be amazed by my state even after traveling through it for many years.

This train was spectacularly long and amazingly vibrant in the morning sunlight. I did my best to capture part of it.

Now the fun really begins. This road must be one of my favorites of the trip (Ranch Road 2810 from Marfa to the border). It starts as a fast sweeping slab in the middle of nowhere and transitions to dirt (dirt like don’t take your family car down here) and ends at the Rio Grande River. The lady at the pizzeria I ate at last night said this road and the next dirt road I was going to take today were in poor shape years ago. They have obviously done some work because it was well marked and awesome fun!

The beginning, I felt very alone out here (I like it).

Another one for Ms. Peach!!! This is probably the safest place ever for the full gear, double solid yellow, bike in the road, cross-legged, self-timer pose lol. By the way, looking at this picture reminds me how absolutely awesome the weather was, couldn’t ask for anything more!

More of the road, I approach the mountainous region where it will soon turn to dirt.

Ahh…. A wonder sight indeed!!

Gratuitous cactus shot!

This is my favorite section of the whole trip, the dirt section of this road near the border. It is quite doable solo with a big bike and you can make it interesting on a small bike because you might run out of fuel and the loose soil seems ideal for kicking the rear end out. I met a couple local guys part of the way who were enjoying a morning brew. They were worried about my fuel range and warned me not to go north when I hit the border since there are no services at the border or north of the intersection. I had taken precautions to fuel up to the brim before leaving Marfa so I should be OK.

Stopped to take a pic of the terrain, the road is nice and wide. “It’s looser and steeper than it looks blah blah blah…” lol.

This is very close to the border, the road turns into a perfectly graded gravel road that is SUPER fast. At some points I was in 4th gear doing 60+ mph seeming to float over the terrain. I have never felt anything like this before and the road was so smooth (for gravel) it let me explore my skill and limits as a solo rider.

Holy crap!!! It is a water crossing!!!! This is one of the biggest of the trip… Hey it is the summer in the desert, what are you going to do? Lol

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