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That night I enjoy on the best solo camping experiences of my life. The desert is amazing, the weather is great, my new camera snaps a few pictures. Even the MRE I am eating for dinner tastes good!

My bike with the permit attached, no rangers knocking on my tent at night! The night was amazing! I spend a good half hour on top of the bear box watching the stars and meteoroids. During the night I was awoken several times to what seemed to me as earthquakes. Living in Texas most of my life and this being the first night I ran out of sleeping pills I was not sure I really experienced an earthquake. Big Bend being a mountainous area I will give it the benefit of the doubt and use it as a good party story.

My view in the morning from inside my tent. I had slept exceptionally well and felt refreshed.

All of a sudden I hear thunder outside the tent on the opposite side of the sunlight. “Oh shit!” I look outside the tent and find something I was not ready for.

I snap a couple quick pics and then franticly attempt to tear down the tent and pack up for the ride out of here before the roads get flooded!!!

This is about 15 mins before I am ready to head out, at this point I knew I would not make it. The rain was heading in faster than I could ride and I had no even put on my boots and rain gear…

Lol I thought this picture was tragically hilarious, my bike less than 5 minutes ready to go and completely soaked (I am soaked too). After finishing packing I made it through the roads without being flooded in and tested my raid gear!

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