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The ride on this (last) day started with a tour to the interior mountain basin of Big Bend.

The fog dissipates towards the entrance of the basin of Big Bend. Exiting the amazing basin I re-enter the cloud and celebrate the amazing sight.

Exiting Big Bend to the north the fog persists. I am riding through many layers of fog, rain, and general dampness for the entirety of today…

There are few more pictures of this day. I ride further down the border and find some random kid with an I-phone to give me a weather update on areas of Texas I would like to ride. All the reports throughout Texas indicate rain for the next week. I decide to iron-butt it back home… Most of the trip is just chilly and wet, the last 120 miles are at night in the rain with me struggling for visibility. I am so relieved to be home I stop a couple miles out on a remote road to take a glamour shot.

My ride, companion, and beast for the past 3000 mile journey. No Problems!

This last day I broke my personal record for consecutive riding. Over 600 miles in one day on the F800GS, I was happy!

My tires were completely shot but had served their purpose well, both of which I had replaced new in Roswell during the trip.



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