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Bums on Big Bikes

Departing @ 10:30 from Stations Inn Friday and Saturday

So you overslept, or breakfast took too long, or maybe the line for the can was out the door, or you had to go back for….

Well here’s your second chance to not have to think about getting lost. You can let me do that for you!

I plan to go out in search of mythical places that I have been told do not exist. I have also been warned not to bother looking for them, for legend has it that they are guarded by creatures that make the garden variety snakes and dragons of the Appalachians look like the pets of a school girl.

While I can’t make you any promises or accept any responsibility for the carnage that may ensue……you are welcome to follow along!

The path will be narrow and steep, many corners will be blind, pavement will be coarse, patchy or nonexistent, loose gravel and debris will be plentiful but straight-aways few. The pace will be brisk when the terrain allows, although I doubt any speed records will be set.

You should have an adventure style bike and not afraid to ride it on steep 1 lane dirt roads.

Be fueled up and prepared to take care of yourself, it will be 80 miles before we even see a gas pump or modern loo. But the total mileage shouldn’t be much more than 212.6 or so….so don’t worry, we should still be back in time for dinner and I aint afraid to take a short-cut or two to make that happen!

I suppose that’ll be negotiable, but there will be a couple of chances to buy a snack at the very least.

The rules are simple

1) Always make sure the rider behind you sees and makes the turn. Stop and wait at the intersection if need be.

Don’t worry that you lose sight of the rider in front as they will do the same for you at the next turn.

2) Don’t ride over your head, we’ll wait. Crashes are the biggest ride delayer/ender of them all.

3) It’s not a race. So there’s no need to pass, we can give each other some breathing room.

4) Don't separate from the group without making it clear to another member of the group that that's what you're doing!!! Please don't make us worry about what happened to you and spend all afternoon looking for you!!


Full pre-run was done on 4-24
My route is in really bad shape!
Lots of sand and grit on top of the pavement, broken pavement, bad patch work etc. The signs of that terrible winter definitely remain!

One narrow little paved but unpainted mountain road that's nothing but blind corners with no guardrails to
protect you from the steep drop offs may be the worst, as it's North facing slope is still covered with slag on top of poor pavement.

Plenty of opportunities for a low side along this course ...a lot of the gravel had been freshly graded too, can you say "marbles"?

(in fact the dirt looks to have received more recent maintenance than the pavement in many cases)

But I guess all that is what makes it an Adventure ride.

May 8th...too excited not to ride!

I've decided to change things up on Sat vs. Fri. Since the possibility of having to cut the loop short in order to get back for dinner looms large.... I'm going to reverse my route and add more dirt to Saturday's first sections.

I've been google earth'n doing a few fly overs along my proposed route etc.

Rally Central is in the bottom center of this pic.

misc route fly overs...

Fri am?

both fri and sat...maybe opposite directions?

below was bad, narrow, sand covered pavement with no guardrails a couple weeks ago...

sat am?

Aint Google fun?

My ride misc pics.


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