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Just to explain the reason i asked in the first place:

I used Wunderlich 21" conversionkit on a 2006 GSA with servobrakes. I recently bought a 2007 GSA without, and Wunderlich says on their webshop and in the cataloque that this should work, with the use of an adapter they sell. Well, asked them for the adapter just to find out that they no longer sell it. Exact answer from them:

"Unfortunately you can not use it, because all systems from 2007 models onwards without power assisted braking, need to order the electronic adapter separately 8180026. But this is no longer available, so you will have problems."

So, i mail them back asking why its still on the webshop and get an answer that the kit wont work at all on a 2007 model and never did. When asking why the webshop and cataloques says different and asking what the adapter was for in the first place they didnt even bother to answer at all. This beeing Wunderlich in Germany since im located in Europe. Wunderlich USA answered that the adapter never worked at all so they never sold any. All in all, it seems like its working fine on my 2007, but i got a whole new perspecitve on the customer support from Wunderlish, or should i say the lack of. Given a choice ill never order a thing from them again...
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