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Exile's DR650 TAT Build & Prep

Well I finally got my DR650. I have started my bike mods already and I figured I would share and see what input I could gain as well. These are the beginning preparations for the TAT. My friend and I will be making the trek summer of '10.

The Bike: 2004 DR650, 5k Miles.

The Mods (so far): 7.62mm Ammo cans (2), Pelican Top Box, homemade racks, driving lights, power adapter.

The pictures:

I didn't get a shot of the bike before I did everything, but I'm pretty sure everyone knows what a stock DR looks like.

Finished top rack. Everything fastens to the existing mounting places, just needed to get longer bolts.

Top rack with Pelican case mounted.

I ended up drilling my holes off center so I found some small round rubber tube patches and stuck those over my giant holes and pierced the bolts through. Instant weatherproofing!

I have pictures of the design process for the side racks but they are grainy (camera phone), so here is the finished product. Powder coated side and top racks.

Mounted on the bike. The rear turn signals are fasten to the top rack since I did away with the stock grab handles.

The finished product of my labor including the ammo cans.

Driving lights from Wal-Mart...$14.95. Mounted to the reflector brackets. I have since drilled new holes above to remount the reflectors.

Fabricated a weatherproof switchbox to mount the independent switch to the battery and the power adapter. I have since redone the mounting so it looks nicer...(i.e. hidden zip ties)

Fabrication of the windscreen is next.
Things still to get: TrailTech X2 headlight(ordered), Acerbis Front Fender(ordered), Corbin Seat, IMS Tank, Skid Plate, Tires, Handguards, and much more!

I do have an issue that I have run into that I could use some input with. I have my ammo cans bolting to the side rack as of now. However I am trying to design a 'quick release' system to be able to remove them easily at my discretion. If anyone has some ideas they would be helpful. I have seen the 'hockey puck' idea but I don't know how it works well enough to implement my own.

Any and all input is welcome. Criticize away!
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