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Originally Posted by heffe
I like the look of the 1150 over the 1200.
It just isn't the look, but everything else between the the cheaper looking dash/instrument panel and switches on the R1200 GS series.

Which is why I'm not replacing my 2004 R1150 GS Adventure that got written off while touring in Austria. The first thing that came to mind was "what will I replace it with, an R1200 GS Adventure? Not if I have a choice!"

Luckily I have a spare 2003 R1150 GS Adventure for my future trips.

So the insurance money, was used to pay for a small part of my new-to-me Porsche Carrera. I have enough GSes and motorcycles anyways.

Lets hope BMW doesn't screw up the next generation of GS even more.
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