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Originally Posted by creeper
The only reliable, consistant steering device on an Adventure, at any speed above 10 mph, is the right grip... turned sharply counter-clockwise.

OTOH - I've found weighting the pegs and turning with the shoulders works wonders for getting the land tanker turned quickly. But yeah, it's not nimble in any sense of the word, but it can be done.

A bit OT - but since my wife got her DRZ, I've riding it and my Adv back to back in a couple places just as an experiment. Some notes: DRZ is like a feather compared to the Adv! Power and all around 'planted' feeling are better on the Adv. I won't dare the Adv in some places I've ridden the DRZ. Adv feels better on landings. Adv, runs though ugly rocks better than the DRZ. DRZ is a really fun bike and a perfect choice for my wife. I have yet to test the DRZs road manners, but I sure enjoy the Adv in the twisties.
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