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The shop manual for the CL350 says that the maximum charging at 10k RPM is about 4 amps, and max at 5k RPM is 1.5 to 2.5 amps... if there was about 130W to play with, then I may hold off on the alternator, but with only about 55W, the stock 12AH battery isn't going to sustain it for long.

In other news, the throttle bodies are just about finished, with only a little grinding left to do to get them usable. They fit on the bike, and the fuel injectors are lined up pretty well with the valves. There's enough flexibility in the mounts that I'll probably need to make a bracket that will attach to the frame at the battery tray mounting bolts, but the throttle cable works well. I'll be able to route a rubber hose between the two fuel rails since the feed is on one side and the fuel pressure regulator/return is on the other. As for air filters, I should just be able to take a tube, mill a ring in it to seat an o-ring, and hold it in place with a couple bits of metal to the stock airbox mounting bolts on the throttle bodies, and then mount an appropriately sized filter over the end of that.

Now... for the pictures!

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