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Bit o' new info.

Made a couple dozen stoves today, and tried an idea from alert ADVer MPanther:

Originally Posted by mpanther
Got mine yesterday, great stuff!
and not as big as i expected. they are actually fairly small.

Question about putting out a bit less heat. for simmering and the like.

what about making some with 8 holes instead of 14?
would that make the flames to long or would it work as a bit less BTU's and longer burn time? this might be a way to have a boiling stove and a "keep warm" stove.

Just a thought.
So I made one with 7 holes instead of 14. Made sense to try it. Here is what it looks like burning:

I put 2 ounces of Heet in this one, got a pot boiling (on a different stove) with 2 cups of water in it, the transferred to the 8 hole stove. It bubbled along happily, a pretty good boil actually, however a little less boisterous than with a regular stove going. This was inside my shop with no air movement like you'd have outside, and would keep the easy boil going without the lid on in this environment. Bonus point though, the thing burned for about 19 minutes on the 2 ounces, so you are stretching your Heet out very well this way.

Good idea MPanther, and you have a new 7 hole SteverStove which I'll call SimmerStove headed your way. Anyone else wants one, just let me know, same price as a regular stove. I save a little time in production by not drilling the rest of the holes, so I can claim now an even larger and obscene profit margin.

Also, for Coop74 whom I'm sending a handful of stoves, here is how to quickly tell how much alcohol to put in the stove.

1.5 ounces fills to the bottom radius of the inner neck:

And 2 ounces fills to the upper part of the curve on said neck:

It was requested I mark these for some folks, but the levels fell right on these parts which makes it easy to remember.
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