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I figured I should post what I am feeling after the ride...

I am having withdrawals; I want my BMW back! I love my modified 08 SV650S and I crossed 22k miles in 1.5 years with it this weekend. But I am anxious for my BMW in the shop. I took it in for a couple minor issues after the ride because I was hoping to get it back soon. Here is a summary and update on the post ride service at the shop...

-Replace gas tank for crack. (This has been long overdue and I have had the crack since I bought it new, BMW says to wait for a new tank so I guess I will...)

-Warranty Front rim and tire for bike after limping into Carlsbad NM on a flat. This is the major hold up and my dealer is trying to confirm the warranty company will cover it. I am about to get really pissed off because I know the damage happened on a paved road but since the dealer says I have a bit of dirt on my bike it may be denied. They are working things out for me but the outcome will have a huge affect on my involvement with the dealer and warranty company.

-Replace front brake caliper bolts that the shop in Roswell NM (Champion Motorsports) stripped while changing my tires and did not tell me (if they would have told me I wouldn't be mad but this is inexcusable). <--- CHAMPION MOTORSPORTS IN ROSWELL. Please do not give these guys business I am extremely disappointed in their shady overpriced service. Next time I will use my center-stand, spoons, and lay my bike over for the front tire to mount new ones myself instead of going there.

-Replace rear tire and check wheel bearings (warranty). I put 3.5k miles on the wheel bearings since they were originally replaced and I want to know if they are cool or not.
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