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Originally Posted by ShadyRascal
Bonus point though, the thing burned for about 19 minutes on the 2 ounces, so you are stretching your Heet out very well this way.

Good idea MPanther, and you have a new 7 hole SteverStove which I'll call SimmerStove headed your way.

1.5 ounces fills to the bottom radius of the inner neck:

And 2 ounces fills to the upper part of the curve on said neck:
Wow, 19 minutes is a long run time.

I'm very glad it worked out like that, and Thanks for the SimmerStove!

Good info on the 1.5/2 oz fill marks. Cool how you don't need to scribe the spots.

I love mine. I have been cooking with them in the kitchen to get some practice. Can't wait to use them on the road.
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