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Originally Posted by terranova
What exactly is "shutter priority mode"? Does anyone know of a good thread that talks about the best camera features for dualsport riding?

there's basically three things that make a picture:

the sensitivity of the film, this determines how much light is needed for a proper exposure. this still applies in digital cameras.

the aperture, is like the iris of your eye, it controls how much light hits the film.

and the shutter which controls for how long the light hits the film.

the camera I bought has easy to use modes like "candle light" or "portrait" which is great for most folks. But for me, I'd prefer 'shutter or aperture priority". Which means you set one of them and the camera decides the rest.

In my case, because the windmill was spinning I wanted a slow shutter of 1/30th a sec or so so that the windmill blade would blur a little more. Most consumer cameras want to pick a high shutter speed because people can't hold still for a slow one, but sometimes you want the blur, or you want more depth of field in the picture etc.

As for your question about best for dualsporting, the Stylus tough has some pretty good features going for it. It's waterproof, Shock proof, and crushproof. And it takes pretty good pics :)


Originally Posted by alzyck
Had similar circumstances (different breed) this September with a dog we had for 15 years. Broke my heart.

Afterwords, the vet's office sent us a sympathy card that had this poem...

The Last Battle
I don't cry. Like ever.
That made me cry.

Jeeze you guys are making it hard to ignore my problems! On with the ride report...

Thermal Canyon is quite a nice ride with varied terrain.

I found it quite difficult not to target fixate on the fresh tracks I had been following. Deer?

Have I mentioned yet that I hate sand? I'm not good in sand and this place is sandy!

The first time I attempted Pinkham on the Dakar it took 5 hours and I crashed 6 times. This time, it's personal!



This time I'm on the Husky and it was a vastly different experience. I was able to get floatation with Much, Much less speed and while I won't say it was 'fun' I'm almost getting to like it.

1 hour 4 Minutes, including lots of picture stops. No crashes. F you Pinkham Canyon!
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Oh for ***k's sake Aaron. Please link us to my fascist, racist or homophobic posts.
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