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^^^ Thanks for the comments guys they mean a lot to me specially since this is my first major DS ride and I really wanted to bring you all along.

Here is my equipment list I put together!! All this fit in my bags and on my person. I picked up a set of rain gear on the way that fit in my duffel bag. Luckily the duffel expands easily and there was no problem fitting extra stuff. Let me know if you think some of this is extraneous or if you would have taken more!

Trip equipment:

- call ahead to prospective camping sites to see availability (unless
stealth camping)

- check weather throughout route over next 10 days
- check chain lube
- check chain tension/condition and sprocket condition
- check tire condition
- check brake pad/fluid condition
- check oil condition
- check nut and bolt torque (loctite any loose)
- check headlight and signal light condition
- apply Weather proofing to boots

Riding gear (on rider first out):
- Shoei dualsport helmet (DS Hornet)
- Tech 3 Aplinestar boots
- Riding socks
- Firstgear mesh jacket with built in armor (+liner)
- Tracker Airpants with built in knee armor (+liner)
- t-shirt, boxers
- Sunglasses
- cell phone, keys, wallet
- Money (cash), emergency contacts

*Clothing (extra to what I am wearing first day):
- 2x extra gloves (mesh + wind/water proof)
- 2x clear glasses (normal and extra)
- 2x t-shirts (one sleep, one day)
- 1x cargo pants
- 3x boxers (one spare, two day)
- 2x riding socks
- 1x reg socks
- 1x baseball cap
- 1x rain jacket
- 1x wind jacket
- sandals
- thermal underwear
- scarf
- balaclava
- wool hat

- GiantLoop Great Basin soft luggage system
- Wolfman small expedition tank bag
- Wolfman dry duffle
- Camelbak mule (3 liter bladder)

- toothbrush/-toothpaste/-mouthwash/-gum
- camp soap/shampoo
- deoderant
- medicine (advil, cold)
- hand sanitizer
- lip balm
- deepwoods bug stick (30% DEET)
- sunscreen
- Adventure medical kit (ultralight .5)
- QuickClot Sport sponge
- Newskin (anti blister)
- small Goldbond
- Baby wipes

- 3L water in Camelbak
- 6L water on bike

- 2x lighter
- water purification tablets
- survival kit
- extra duct tape

Tools (for bike):
- Adventure Designs F800GS tool kit
- Allen wrenches for TT accessories
- zip ties (multiple several sizes)
- tire pressure gauge
- 2x Motion Pro tire irons
- 2x motion pro rim protectors
- Motion pro bead popper
- Patch kit (standard for bicycle tubes)
- CO2 tire inflator (all sizes, threaded or non)
- 5x 16oz CO2 cartridges
- Small hand pump
- 2x Valve stems
- Valve stem tool (quad with thead cleaners)
- 3oz WD40 spray can
- 6in needle nose vise grips
- quicksteel putty (two piece JB weld)

Bike Parts:
- 3x spare Tubes (one rear, two front)
- Clutch and Brake levers
- Shift and Brake pedals
- 1x Headlight bulb
- 1x spark plug

- GPS (mounted to bike)
- GPS charger (for backup)
- head lamp (waterproof)
- flashlight (mini LED maglight)
- BMW to american plug converter
- Micro power Inverter
- Phone with charger
- camera (Cannon D10) with charger/batteries/memory space
- cell phone charger

- Multitool (Leatherman Wave)
- ear plugs (multiple)
- Towel (Microfiber, compact)
- 2x bungee cords (1 ft unstretched)
- 4x 3-4ft nylon straps
- zip lock bags (large, multiple)
- plastic bags (large and small, multiple)
- toilet paper (in small plastic bag)
- paper towels (in plastic bag)

- plastic spoon/fork/knife (wrapped)
- Tent
- Pegs
- Tarp
- Rain cover
- compact inflatable pillow
- Ultralight stool (tripod, doubles as a prop to take off front wheel)
- Sleeping Bag
- Mattress (self inflating compact)
- Cot

- Lanyard for key
- Trail rope saw
- Camelbak energy tablets
- pens
- paper
- 6x mini cliff bars
- 10x MRE with heaters
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