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I am now having exactly this problem on my '08 990. It started a few weeks ago as the temperatures started to go down, and now it does it every damn morning.

I let the clutch out to go, and the bike starts to shudder as if the clutch is slipping, and then WACK, it bites and I shoot forward. I have not been able to stop myself instinctivley pulling the clutch lever back in immediately yet. Each time it does this the bike is thrown forward at 5-10mph, and once at that speed I can let the clutch out and set off fairly smoothly, although there is still plenty of shudder.

Once I've been on the move for a minute or so there is no problem whatsoever.

It is obviously a cold start related issue, as when I start the bike up to go home again in the evening, it doesn't happen, even if it is really cold.

To overcome the problem I obviously need to warm up the clutch before I set off, but how can this be done? Will blipping the engine help? How about putting it on the centre stand and letting it into first gear and letting it spin along for a bit?

Any thoughts?

The bike ghas 20,000 miles on it, and now I think about it, it has pretty much always been unpleasant when I first set off in the morning. It used to make a nasty scraping noise from the transmission when I set off, but there was no shuddering or biting going on.

The bike has just been for a major service, so maybe they changed the oil or something. I will check this too.
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