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Originally Posted by mousitsas
There is no way your dr650 is 324 dry, unless you believe the specs. The husky on the other hand give accurate measurements.
And I assume by your reply you have weighed both of these bikes and know that Suzuki's figures are inaccurate and Husky's are accurate?

The 610 of yesteryear was 140kgr dry exaclty.
The new one is 150kgr.
difference is 10kgs or 22 lbs.
loose the twin exhaust should you want, and the difference will drop at under 10lbs. No big deal.

PS the dr650 if I remember well is 160kgs true weight dry.
Suzuki used to show dry weights on their specs, now they show curb weight. I don't know how accurate their dry weight figures were, but their curb weight figures are pretty close according to this guys research:

The Cycle World test of the first year of the current DR650 back in 1996 show 166.8kg,367 lbs curb weight. The Suzuki website lists 166.3kg, 366 lbs for the 2009 model. If you click on the 2007 model that they still show on their website they list 324 lbs dry. But then again I have never weighed either of these bikes personally so I am just relying on the most accurate information I have found.
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