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I think the point of a 600cc class DS bike is people want a dirt bike they can ride on street. We all know how light dirt bikes handle on the street... so manufactures add what they think will help sell it to riders interested in riding on the street. If you want a more dirt oriented bike look for something smaller.

The TE630 was built with the street more in mind than the dirt. More hp.... uhhhh talk about shredding tires and chucking rocks when uncorked it will be way overkill for the dirt. Dual Exhaust is less restrictive but the trade off is added weight, sounds like that was added with the street in mind. The added weight will make the bike feel better on the street and more of a pig in the dirt.

The TE610 is perfect for me gobs of power when uncorked and a great suspension when setup right, light weight for it's size and wide ratio trany and did I mention that the TE610 hauls ass and handles excellently in the dirt. For the more dirt oriented 600cc class riders I belive the TE610 will continue to be the bike of choice.
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