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I dont know how all you blokes ride and Im not blowing wind up my ass but there are only a handfull of 450's that stay ahead of me. I am no vetran psycho enduro rider either. Ive only been back riding for 15 months and thats after a 16 year absence from riding too.

TE610's when the suspension is set correctly are lightning fast and easy to control through anything you throw at them. You have got to get your sag and clickers right!! They dont need a dampner, but if your 6 feet or over you need a set of 35mm risers and decent bars. Immideatly get rid of the standard muffler and let the thing breathe.

The Mallee masters in South Australia is 2 days of 1st and second gear single trail. Tightest monkey butt inducing snot you could ever get con'd into riding. Lower the front 3 notches then set the sag and it handles like a 250. Then in the straights, no-one stands a chance. Not 530's not 510's not 300 2T. Out of the hundred or so riders I sat in about 10th the whole weekend!!

This new TE630 will not be a step backwards I assure you! The engine and EFI will be insanely smooth. The suspension will be adjustable. Just because they have no compression clickers means nothing. KLX450's dont either and they are winning endurance trials.

The Airbox is different not the same as some have said. It obviously seals a heck of a lot better and Im sure that when broken down it will be different too.

I am looking forward to my next bike and I will show you how good they are when I get one.

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