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Wunderlich Windscreen

Installed my new Wunderlich windscreen today but unfortunately the screen will not fit around my custom HID ballast bracket that was mounted to the lower fork clamp, so some lucky FF will be buying my HID setup in the Fleamarket, including lights, wiring, ballasts, custom mounting bracket, bolts, and the cool button switch. Here's what the HID lights looked like before today--

Total install required 4 hours--three hours messing around with my HID's, then finally removing them, and re-doing all my careful wiring mods behind and under my instrument panel. One hour for the screen. Here's a pic of the wire tie trash when I was finished--

The screen bracket comes in 3 pieces--the main bracket and two "legs" that attach the main bracket to the lower fork clamp.

Here's a pic of the fully assembled bracket--

Bracket mounted to the upper and lower fork clamps--

Then you mount the turn signals to the Wunderlich bracket. This adds an extra inch or more of distance for the wiring to reach the bulbs. Make sure there is enough slack in your turn signal wires before you reattach the turn signal stems. See the next pic.

Then you attach the screen, re-install your headlight, and VOILA! --

The screen is smaller than I saw it in my mind's eye. It's really quite small. I'll be interested to see if I start getting better gas mileage now that my frontal sail area will be a bit more slippery.

More pics--

(Note the empty Garmin cradle. Some a-hole broke into my car and stole my Zumo last week!)

The bracket feels quite stiff and I'm not expecting any flexing at all even at highway speeds. If the shield was twice as big, maybe a little.

Note: I have 1" bar risers on my bike so if you are judging the height of the screen based on the height of the mirrors, well, subtract an inch because my mirrors are 1" taller than yours.
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