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This was our cabin, were we had a nap between the Heineckens we had. It was an act of piracy to sell a beer for 4,50 to people who are bored beyond belief...

Aaaahh, La Goulette the port of Tunis...

Mr. Whites tribute to Heinecken (app. 15 min. before the ferry landed)

The last few minutes after 3 years (the first idea) and 6 months of planning (waiting for) the trip.

The competitior has already landed

So, on this day we touched african ground. The trip is about to start at last. We took it easy, and drove to our hotel near Tunis, Ezzahra/Rades. The challenge was to manage north-african traffic after 22 hours of boredom. See Mr. Black parking his bike at the hotel. The door at the left was to narrow for the Renthal handlebars, so we had to go thru the lobby :

The view from our hotel room

This was the passage, so far... Mr. White - your turn.
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